Amazon KDP: The Planet of the Snake People

  So, since there’s been no movement of this short dream parable eBook, I removed it from Smashwords and moved it to Amazon KDP Select. I priced it at 99c (USD) and chose some Christian and insipirational categories for it. Will let you know how it goes. If you’d like to support me (disclaimer – […]

Progress: A Guy’s Guide: New Home

Hi there …. how do you like my “A Guy’s Guide” series logo? Did it myself … the long way: using Word, then exporting to PDF, then converting to JPG. Sigh. The joys of not being trained in design – something I am thinking more and more should be on the to-do-list for all indie […]

Published: A Guy’s Guide: New Home

It’s here: the first in the short series: “A Guy’s Guide: New Home (How to Find and Furnish Your Own Place)“. I’m happy to tell the world that I am now published on Kindle! … Yes, and at the glorious Amazon Best Sellers Rank # 459 413,  I am pretty sure that the world could […]

The KDP journey

… and so the journey starts. As usual, I first read up everything I could find – including some great eBooks. Also looked around on forums and discussion boards what all the potential problems could be. So, first of all, it seems as if I belong to the interesting country called “Other”, and that makes […]

Kobo, baby!

… and I’m on Kobo. Great work, Smashwords! Click here to have a look at “Planet of the Snake People”!

Book Descriptions for eBooks

(This photo is by Tante Tati and is available on Pixabay) I am publishing my first ebook today. It has been traveling with me for many years, haunting me perhaps. It’s short. Too short, possibly. But then … it’s all I wanted to say. So I didn’t write more. But that is (not quite) the […]

The eBook Saga

I have been reading and listening to a lot of Steve Scott’s stuff lately. I am really impressed with him. I like the way that he shares information freely and how he is brutally honest about how much work goes into being an “overnight success”. (And my little cynical voice of course wants to congratulate […]