Target Your Audience by Answering These Six Questions

Writing is a bit like hunting. Though I have to confess I have never hunted, and I won’t … love Bambi too much to do anything but buy my meat packaged and reasonably bloodless at the shop. But getting back to the point:  writing is like hunting in the sense that you cannot just load […]

Creating characters

Kinds of characters It sometimes happens that someone posts a group photo to Facebook and say “2002” and it’s Back to the Future all over again. The funny thing is that you really need the tags to remember some of the people, although they might have been sitting next to you in class for three […]


Today is Freedom Day in South Africa. The “New South Africa” is 19 years old. And our home, like all homes with teenagers, echo with a great deal of door-slamming and illicit experimentation. But hopefully that, too, will pass. For freedom, even when it is being bent over double and tarred and feathered, is still […]

Loss of innocence

Nearly midnight in South African when I had finished my work and lounged around on Twitter looking for something interesting. Watched in total horror as the story of the bombings in Boston unfolded. The funny thing about living in a country struggling with acts of extreme violence, is that it desensitizes you to a degree. […]


The past few months have been heavy on the sadness front. First the thing with Oscar Pistorius. I don’t care what happened. I don’t even care what the truth might be. All I know is that I feel deep, deep sorrow for the whole thing. Kinda like a diet-hungry hollowness just below my heart. I […]

In your face

What is your favourite social media?  I am a Facebooker. Love the medium and the quirkiness of it all. Twitter and I are off to a slow but steady start. My problem is word count. How on earth can a novelist (aka long-winded writer) say anything meaningful in 140 characters? Maybe in 140 words. Maybe. […]


I have the greatest view. I seriously think so. The only contender would be someone living at the foot of Mount Everest. Maybe. Yet, my view carries my country’s past with me. The picture above shows Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for so many decades. It’s part of my view. In winter the […]