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What is your favourite social media?  I am a Facebooker. Love the medium and the quirkiness of it all. Twitter and I are off to a slow but steady start. My problem is word count. How on earth can a novelist (aka long-winded writer) say anything meaningful in 140 characters?

Maybe in 140 words.


Not likely.

Twitter, I like you like I like a friend that I see once a month or so. Fun to be with for the hour we spend drinking coffee at the local hangout, but after that we don’t really have all that much to say to each other. Not really.


Facebook I can do. I know it shortens my lengthy sentences, but at least if you click on me, you can read all of it. Oh, and the pics and the shares and the recipes and the strange bugs and the deepest of shallow wisdoms beautifully adorned to touch the soul (or at least make you smile a bit). The weird animals, funny cats and dogs, strange people and the total joy of sharing your family pics with total strangers. And don’t forget those pics of yourself that thought was funny at the time?

Love it to bits.

… so … (now for the commercial push … yeah …you knew it was coming, didn’t you?) if you want to see what makes me tick, don’t forget to “like” my FB page!  http://www.facebook.com/cillierslalien

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