vier dolfyne

Today is Freedom Day in South Africa. The “New South Africa” is 19 years old. And our home, like all homes with teenagers, echo with a great deal of door-slamming and illicit experimentation.

But hopefully that, too, will pass.

For freedom, even when it is being bent over double and tarred and feathered, is still sweet and full of life, energy and possibilities.

And that is, in teenspeak, “kinda like” writing.

For writing really is the greatest freedom there is. The ability to express what you feel, think or imagine is one of mankind’s greatest gifts.

Which is why it really is important to honour the gift by allowing your writing to reflect all your many facets. Some are easy to show to the world. They are the shiny, well-mannered parts of you, all dressed up in Sunday best and ready to meet the world with a friendly, polite “Great to meet you, Sir/Mam/Ms”.

But some are the dark cousins of the soul. Yes, you are free to hide them deep within corners of denial. But never forget, that you are also free to share them, purge them on white paper/screen.

Are you brave enough?

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