Write What You (Don’t) Know

Actually, writing is not all that complicated. You have a very simple choice when you write: Write what you know. Write what you don’t know. It’s that simple. Not easy. Just simple.   Write What You Know You might know a great deal about something – or a little bit about many things. The trick […]

How a Beginner Writer can Create an Online Presence

The nature of writing has changed quite a bit. In the past, you would write a book, or an article, or short story, or a poem and you would send it off to the relevant publishers. If you were lucky, they published you. And then they told you what they wanted you to do in […]

Watch Some Videos … It’s Weekend!

Have a look at some videos on my YouTube channel.   I will add to it from time to time, so feel free to subscribe, or just pop around every so often. Don’t you just love living in the digital age where we have all this great information and amazing interviews at our fingertips! Have […]

Go with the Flow or Plan Ahead – How Do You Write?

Writers’ conferences are interesting animals. Picture the anxious, eager young writer wielding a notebook/voice recording device. Every word spoken by the sage is truth and golden and pure. Every joke is funny. Every poignant example brings a tear. And if the sage says: plan, then plan we will, by Shakespeare’s quill! But SHOULD you? And […]

Are You Writing After Hours?

John Grisham, PD James, Stephen King … welcome to the famous, infamous and unknown writers who are, or were, writing after hours. You might just be starting off as a writer, or you might be a spot in the distance already, but writing after hours invariably brings its own challenges.   Value Your Relationships Ask […]