20_Master_PlotsRonald B. Tobias wrote a great book in which he looks at twenty plots that he calls “master plots” – ones that are used time and time again, with great success.

If you want to find out exactly what that means and how to use it in creating your own stories, you will have to buy the book! It’s an oldie, from 1993, and unfortunately it is not available as an e-book. But according to Amazon there are still a number of new and used copies available, so, if this blog tickles your fancy, you can get the book on Amazon by clicking through on this link:  20 Master Plots: And How To Build Them.

To whet your appetite, here are the names of the 20 Master Plots:

  1. Quest
  2. Adventure
  3. Persuit
  4. Rescue
  5. Escape
  6. Revenge
  7. The Riddle
  8. Rivalry
  9. Underdog
  10. Temptation
  11. Metamorphosis
  12. Transformation
  13. Maturation
  14. Love
  15. Forbidden Love
  16. Sacrifice
  17. Discovery
  18. Wretched Excess
  19. Ascension
  20. Descension

Twenty years later and still up to date. This is one of those books that you simply should buy.

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