Building A Sustainable Writing Career: How To Develop Multiple Income Streams

Have a look at some great ideas by David Gaughran on “Building a sustainable writing career: How to develop multiple income streams.”

David Gaughran

Let’s admit it: we are all very reliant on Amazon. Now, this isn’t a dig; there are lots of valid reasons why Amazon tends to be favored by indies.

Aside from having the most intuitive, powerful digital self-publishing platform and the majority of the market, Amazon is considered the most “indie friendly” of the retailers.

I don’t mean Amazon necessarily goes out of its way to do us favors, but at least they don’t actively sabotage our visibility like Barnes & Noble and Apple.

When you add all of that to relative ease of marketing to Kindle users compared to other e-reader owners, it’s easy to see why Amazon can be responsible for 80% to 90% of a typical indie’s sales, rather than the 60% or so of the market they are estimated to hold.

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