There’s nothing as energizing as the terror of the first day after you’ve been made a manager. So much to do – so few skills!

The New Manager series answer those questions that only you and Google and the midnight hours before your big presentation know about. A little bit like a mentor-in-a-book with lots of detail and step-by-step guidance through the corporate swamps. Oh, and “new” has nothing to do with age, of course!

Please note: this series of books were previously advertised as the “Can you Manage” series and linked to a Facebook page. In order to clarify any confusion with psychology self-help books, and to ensure that the focus is seen to be on business management and leadership, these have now been rebranded as “The New Manager” series under the brand name “New leader, manager” as can be seen at this website: New Leader, Manager and indicated on the author website on this post here. The Facebook Page will be rebranded accordingly.

This series will be become available online in the course of 2018/9 and here’s the first one:

9 things you should know … if you ever want to become a manager: The New Manager series

9 things you should know ... if you ever want to become a manager_COVER_Lalien CilliersAre you a ready for management? Ready for that promotion?
Maybe new to management? Maybe even new to the business world as a whole?
Or just with a few gaps in what you should know before you aim at that promotion?

Then you will need a simple, basic guide to show you how to fill the gaps quickly and start on your road to success!

There are many ways to stand out from the crowd, and you’re going to learn a lot of strategies in the course of this book. Some of them you might instinctively follow already – and that’s great! But some could be new – and might even feel a bit strange at first.

So, what are those nine things you should know if you ever wanted to make it as a manager?
1. Know what you want
2. Know what matters
3. Know how to look and act
4. Know your job
5. Know your numbers
6. Know how to pitch
7. Know your company
8. Know the competition
9. Know the market

Interested in being getting promoted to management? The click here to buy the ebook on Amazon!


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