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These are apps I enjoy working with  and that I have found helpful. Feel free to give more suggestions in the comments below!


mindmeister2 Found this on Google Chrome. It is amazingly easy for mindmapping. Endless extension possibilities on a freemium model.Functions on all platforms

You start from a central node, and then add attaching nodes by clicking “Insert” on your keyboard. Dead easy. You can then rearrange them afterwards by dragging them over other nodes, or delete by clicking – you know it – delete on the keyboard.

Easy peasy. Loving it. Many additional features on the premium versions, but some great functionality on the free version already. Click this link to get you there:


simpleminds2This app can be downloaded for a tablet or smartphone by clicking on this link:

Or it can be used on a PC (also on Mac) by clicking on this link:

Love its simplicity and colour coding possibilities. The PC version is not free, but you get a download trial of thirty days to give you a chance to play with it.

CardBoard Novels

CardBoard_novelsCardBoard Novels is an add-on for CardBoard, a free app on the Android store. I love these little colour-codable index cards that you can type up (front and back) and move around the board as you please.

The add-on includes a four-act structure, character archetypes, character details , the hero’s journey and scene ideas and breakups.

I have only just started playing with this one, but like what I have seen thus far.  You can get the app by clicking on this link:

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