Book Descriptions for eBooks

(This photo is by Tante Tati and is available on Pixabay) I am publishing my first ebook today. It has been traveling with me for many years, haunting me perhaps. It’s short. Too short, possibly. But then … it’s all I wanted to say. So I didn’t write more. But that is (not quite) the […]

The eBook Saga

I have been reading and listening to a lot of Steve Scott’s stuff lately. I am really impressed with him. I like the way that he shares information freely and how he is brutally honest about how much work goes into being an “overnight success”. (And my little cynical voice of course wants to congratulate […]

Things You Should Know About Introverts

Originally posted on Playfully Tacky:
From 1) We need to recharge alone. This right here is the cusp of the entire introvert v. extrovert debate (if there is one, anyway) – Introverts need to be alone to recharge. We tend to get completely worn out by socializing. This is basically what it means to…