Progress: A Guy’s Guide: New Home


Hi there …. how do you like my “A Guy’s Guide” series logo? Did it myself … the long way: using Word, then exporting to PDF, then converting to JPG.

Sigh. The joys of not being trained in design – something I am thinking more and more should be on the to-do-list for all indie authors.

Anycase, I created a Facebook page for the series. You can have a look (or hopefully join enthusiastically!) here: Facebook Page: A Guy’s Guide series.

I also ran a short, cheap(ish) Facebook ad campaign on the page just to get it going. Cost me about R700 (that’s USD50) and I got 1800 page likes – which I think is great for such a niche topic.

Trying to decide what to run on the Facebook page was another kettle of fish! In the end I just kept picturing my brothers and trying to think what they might enjoy. So I added lots of links to “how-to” type online articles and funny memes.

Will see!

If you bought the book (hint!), you’ll know that that I also created a playlist for it on my regular YouTube channel. You can go and check it out here: A Guy’s Guide YouTube playlist.

But sales are not coming yet. I opted for a Amazon KDP Countdown – you can only do this thirty days after joining, so it’ll happen sometime in January 2018. Will let you know how it went.

Have fun writing!

Published: A Guy’s Guide: New Home

A Guys Guide_New Home_Lalien Cilliers_cover.jpgIt’s here: the first in the short series: “A Guy’s Guide: New Home (How to Find and Furnish Your Own Place)“.

I’m happy to tell the world that I am now published on Kindle! … Yes, and at the glorious Amazon Best Sellers Rank # 459 413,  I am pretty sure that the world could care less. 🙂 But I do, and my friends do and my family does. And I published the little book that has been begging for a swim in the big pond for way too many years between work and DVD-marathons.

And I feel GREAT!

So, I’ll let you know what I find out – because this book is first and foremost all about learning how Amazon ebooks work.

One of the things I wanted to figure out was the categories. This is an extremely niche ebook, so it was really hard to choose the categories – and you only get two! I will play around with these in future and let you know how it changes. At the moment I am rated #1473 in Kindle Short Reads, #8274 in Kindle eBooks>Crafts, Hobbies & Home, and #9808 in Kindle eBooks>Cookbooks, Food & Wine. As you can see, there is a lot of competition in the Cookbooks category, so I am going to give it another week or so and then change that one to a different category.

I have also looked at the promotions options. You could give the ebook away for free, and I have read other authors saying that’s a good way to launch a series. However, it is not good for your paid ranking when you revert to the paid option.

So the other option that looks interesting is the Countdown – but you can only do that if you haven’t run a free giveaway, and if you have been on KDP Select for 30 days … so I will bide my time until I can give that a shot.

Oh, and I’ve sent a query about the Kindle Unlimited lending option – I need to have an active thing-a-ma-jig to get that going. Duh. I just noticed that I didn’t enroll in KDP Select (which means that I am selling this ebook exclusively on Amazon) … just did that now. The customer services guy will think I am as green as I am. But – that’s the way you learn, I suppose!

In the meantime I am hard at work writing the first of the “The New Manager” series. I want to alternate writing an ebook for the “A Guy’s Guide” and the “The New Manager” series – hopefully every few months (if life doesn’t catch up to me too badly in the next few months).

Will keep you all up to date – have fun writing your own stories!


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