birthday wishes and otherwise

Two by Two BY Curt Fleenor Photography ON Flickr
Photo: Two by Two by Curt Fleenor, Flickr

for all my american friends: know that i remembered.

that today is a different kind of day.

i hope you remembered, or were reminded.

not of the impossible mindlessness of what happened.

not of the anguish of being powerless to save lives and restore innocence.

but remembered those who are with you still.

remembered to show them a small kindness.

remembered to share a word of love.

remembered to breathe deeply and feel good to be alive.

* * *


it would have been my mom’s birthday today. i wish she was here, to share the the views i love and the sights i see. i wish i could discuss things with her.

i miss her wisdom.

i miss the fact that I never loved her wisdom when she was here.

sure i was young.

sure she understood.

but still.

she passed away too soon.

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