The Young Manager

There’s nothing as energizing as the terror of the first day after you’ve been made a manager. So much to do – so few skills!

The Young Manager series answer those questions that only you and Google and the midnight hours before your big presentation know about. A little bit like a mentor-in-a-book with lots of detail and step-by-step guidance through the corporate swamps. Oh, and “young” has nothing to do with age, of course!

This series will be available online in the course of 2018 and include the following books:

  • The Young Manager: Hits and Myths

The Young Manager_04

Let’s start with first things first: should you really be a manager? Or are you rather an expert in your field? This book looks at what it really means to be a manager … and what it really does NOT mean to be a manager.

Once you’ve been promoted to management, the things you are expected to be, do and know, are totally different … and it’s critical that you know what those changes are.



  • The Young Manager: Climb That Ladder

The Young Manager_02

Management isn’t a destination – it’s the start of an amazing journey. Do you really know how to climb the ladder, or are you about to be swollowed by a snake that will make you lose valuable time?

Find out who and how to impress, but also how to make changes in your own skills set, mindset and strategies to ensure that you don’t get stuck halfway up the ladder of success.



  • The Young Manager: Manage Your Project

The Young Manager_05

Project management is part and parcel of management, and the sooner you know how to manage a project successfully, the better for your financial, corporate and mental health!

This book gives a simple introduction to the language of project management and guidance on how to do basic project management without breaking your still-growing bank account.



  • The Young Manager: Mentor Your Team

The Young Manager_07

Before you got promoted to management, you were part of a team – now you have to manage one. Do you know what you’re doing?

This book will help you understand how to create an effective team and how to mentor your team members to ensure the successful completion of your projects and programs.



  • The Young Manager: Network Everywhere

The Young Manager_08

We really live in a connected world, and if you forget to network, you will be all alone when you face a business challenge, or need to call on an expert.

This book helps you feel comfortable in your own skin when you are networking, so that you don’t underimpress your line manager, but don’t confuse your contacts into flight either.



  • The Young Manager: Assert Yourself

The Young Manager_01

All too often a young manager will say enthusiastically yes to everyone and everything. Until cloning becomes a real possibility, this is a crazy strategy that only ends in broken promises and missed deadlines.

This book helps you say no when it’s really important to do so, and shows you how to stand your ground when someone is trying to bully you into their point of view.



  • The Young Manager: Present and Purpose

The Young Manager_09

Sometime soon you will have to present your ideas to someone important, and do so with conviction and energy.

This book lets you in on some of the dos and don’ts of effective presentations, and helps you avoid a presentation where you lose your audience to cognitive overload or death by bullet points and over-used clipart.




  • The Young Manager: Go Digital

The Young Manager_03

In the 1980s we were told that we are “living in a material world”, but in the 2010s we are most definitely living in a digital age. Are you keeping up?

In this book you’ll learn which devices and which apps or platforms are most suitable to a number of different scenarios. You’ll also follow some simple steps to ensure that tech is your helper, not your master



  • The Young Manager: SpeakUp & WriteDown

The Young Manager_10

Do you dream of being a VIP speaker invited to present in exotic locations … or even just of being a master of communication in your own boardroom?

This book helps you understand what effective communication is all about, deals with public speaking, and gives some practical hints on notetaking, content curation, and keeping brilliant minutes of important meetings.



  • The Young Manager: Manage Yourself

The Young Manager_06

The phrase “work-life balance” has been the punchline of many office jokes, but ignoring it can have dire consequences.

This book deals with just that issue, but also looks at ways in which you deal with stress, how you take criticism, and what you can do to make life fun again.




… watch this space!

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